The Isolation Interviews: Britt Theodora

The Isolation Interviews: Britt Theodora
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The Isolation Interviews: Britt Theodora

Britt Theodora is a New York City-based Fashion Stylist who specializes in styling up and coming talent. Born and raised in Southern California, she works with emerging actors like Shira Haas, Sofia Bryant, Perry Mattfeld and Kat McNamara. Britt is also a pioneer in the field of energy styling; working with the spiritual meaning of colours to create a new perspective on our clothing. Her goal is to uplift others by encouraging them to create mindfulness and affirmations in the pieces they chose to wear every day. Follow @britt.theodora.

Where are you writing this?
My apartment in NYC!

What are you reading?
“For Small Creatures Such As We” by Sasha Sagan

What are you watching?
Normal People on Hulu/BBC

What are you eating?
LOTS of Italian. I think I’ve perfected my marinara sauce

If you could visit any art gallery or museum in the world right now, where would it be?
V&A in London

Have you picked up any hobbies in isolation?
I have become really interested in Tarot readings. I’ve also been learning how to garden

Any lockdown discoveries?
I’ve recently discovered my Human Design. It is incredibly fascinating way of understanding how we operate in the world. The best way to take the test is here Human Design.

Any lockdown saviours?
Peanut butter! It is my comfort food. I think I’ve gone through 3 jars!

What is the first thing you will do when out of lockdown?
Organize my office and host my friends for wine on my roof!

What’s on your wishlist?
The Sabine in leopard pony. Would look so chic with my go-to jeans and a t-shirt!


20 May 2020

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