The Isolation Interviews: Alexandra Fullerton

The Isolation Interviews: Alexandra Fullerton
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The Isolation Interviews: Alexandra Fullerton

Shoe-lover Alexandra Fullerton is a freelance stylist, writer and author. Releasing her first book How to Dress: Secret Styling Tips from a Fashion Insider in 2018, Alex is currently Fashion director-at-large of Glamour UK. Prior to this, she held the role of Fashion Director at Stylist Magazine for seven years. Alex has a large presence on social media, offering an insight into her world, fashion and beauty advice, lifestyle tips, and of course #TheDailyShoe. Follow @AlexandraFullerton.

Where are you writing this?
At the dining room table, which has become a makeshift classroom.

What are you reading?
I’m finding it very difficult to concentrate at the moment but am dipping into The Book You Wish Your Parent’s Had Read by Philippa Perry

What are you watching?
Every evening my daughter, husband and I snuggle up and watch a film on Disney+. Moana is my favourite but we’ve watched The Incredibles about a dozen times.

What are you eating/cooking/baking?
I’m very lucky to be in lockdown with my husband, who is a chef, so we’ve been eating brilliantly. I’ve also been baking cakes and coconut macaroons with my daughter. There have been lots of lockdown treats and snacks!

If you could visit any art gallery or museum in the world right now, where would it be?
I’d be more than happy to visit my local gallery, First Site in Colchester.

Have you picked up any hobbies in isolation?
I’ve had some time to get back into gardening and am planting seeds like crazy. I’d love to be able to make our family more self sufficient… there has been talk of chickens.

Any lockdown discoveries?
Despite the very late nights I’ve been indulging in (which have caused my eye bags to balloon) I’ve had time to look after my skin and I’ve been using Retinol every evening which has made my skin extra-glowy. I’ll be continuing it when things are ‘normal’ again.

Any lockdown saviours?
Everyone has their own struggles in lockdown but I’m thrilled that I am home with my husband and daughter

What is the first thing you will do when out of lockdown?
Oh my goodness, so many things. I want to push a trolley around the supermarket in a leisurely manner without queuing. I’d love to have a pedicure and a facial and sit close to my friends in cafes. I am desperate for my daughter to go back to school and see her friends so doing the school run will be a joy!

What’s on your wishlist?
I fell in love with the bleached denim at last season’s press day. I love Deidre in peacock blue denim - they look so retro yet so modern in the platform silhouette. I’ve been dreaming of dressing up smartly in trouser suits when I get back to work. The Charmer Loafers in Black Calf will be the ideal accompaniment. I’m desperate for a holiday at the moment (aren’t we all?) and the Estate sandals in leopard pony are what I’d take to a sun soaked isle, as soon as I’m allowed.

5 May 2020

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