Rupert Sanderson's guiding passion is the craft of shoemaking. His technical training at the world renowned Cordwaines College provided the foundation needed to work alongside some of the best shoemakers in Italy, including Sergio Rossi and Bruno Magli.

While winning awards for his design skills and having his shoes worn by the world’s most glamorous and high profile women, it is his love and understanding of the highly specialist techniques that constantly inspire and fire his imagination.

There are over 120 individual processes involved in designing and making a shoe, each of which needs an intricate understanding and appreciation in order to bring to life the often highly conceptual designs.

The skills and "hand" built up over generations in our own factory high in the Italian Apennine hills ensures that techniques are nurtured and handed down.

It is the alchemy of a designer with very British sensibilities and his love and desire to grow the increasingly scarce shoemaking skills that makes Rupert Sanderson shoes some of the most desirable in the world.

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